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Quickly becoming a necessity amongst most modern UK households, conservatories have come a long way since the 1980s, now being an elegant feature that acts as the best way to add plenty of space and lashings of natural light. Engineered using high performance uPVC to still maintain ‘A’ rated heat retention qualities, the RealSeal Home Improvements team can tailor a design entirely to you and your home’s specific needs.

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Treating homes to the very best method of adding more space and light

Simply put, conservatories represent a sound investment, especially when considering the vast number of benefits they offer. With the ability to completely reinvent how you’re able to use your living space thanks to high quality construction, impressive insulation, and fantastic light entry, all our conservatory styles act as natural areas capable of being utilised 365 days a year.

At RealSeal Home Improvements, we take extra time, care, and attention to ensure that every conservatory installation we perform is hassle-free and as swift as possible. From laying down the initial foundation to installation the highly insulating conservatory roof, we take care of your home during every stage of the conservatory build.

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A rated energy efficiency

Saving money on energy bills and keeping properties comfortable


High security guaranteed

Choice of Ultion Cylinder or SAC multi-point locking as standard for peace of mind


Range of colours & styles

Highly configurable to create a wholly distinctive aesthetic

A plethora of attractive conservatory styles to suit every home

From the simple yet traditional styling of Victorian to the space-efficient design of Lean-to, we can supply uPVC conservatories in an entire range of unique styles that make them perfect for almost any home. All work expertly to never disrupt your property’s established aesthetic and charm, while still being able to give you a location in which to relax, host parties, and just generally enjoy.

It’s even possible to create an entirely bespoke design should your home have an unusual layout or you have something specific in mind. However, some of our most popular set conservatory styles include: Edwardian, Victorian, P-shaped, T-shaped, Gable-front, and Lean-to.

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Beautiful living spaces designed for year-round use

Though bringing you closer to the outside, opting for a conservatory from our range doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or energy efficiency, thanks to a combination of quality materials and knowledgeable construction. ‘A’ rated conservatory styles are what we do, giving all homeowners the opportunity to extend their home with the option of saving money on energy bills and heating.

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