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Supalite Tiled Roof

Offering homeowners the ability to overhaul and completely revitalise their existing extended living spaces is the Supalite Tiled Roof system. A wholly flexible conservatory roof option, Supalite is highly preferable compared to a complete structure replacement, largely due to how easy to maintain and quick to install they are. Within days your conservatory will be more energy efficient, comfortable, and welcoming, all in a style that comes completely made-to-measure.

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Transforming tired conservatories into year-round living spaces

Most conservatories installed prior to the 90s, today, frequently suffer from frequent draughts, rattles, and pesky cold spots. And while the all too easy method to resolve this would be to swap out your conservatory for a new one, we at RealSeal Home Improvements offer homeowners a more efficient and effective solution in the Supalite Tiled Roof. Designed to be retro-fitted onto any existing conservatories frames, Supalite is a multi-layered tiled system that’s highly insulating.

Suited to any property’s current conservatory in desperate need of updating, Supalite Tiled Roof systems come precisely fitted using lightweight tiles, insulation layers, and a ‘breathable’ membrane that expertly optimises thermal efficiency. This helps prevent the space from being too cold in the winter or warm in the summer, keeping energy levels at an average 0.18 365 days a year.

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A rated energy efficiency

Saving money on energy bills and keeping properties comfortable


Long lifespan

Tiles can last for as long as 20 years, representing a sound investment

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Swift installation

Supalite roofs can be fitted much quicker than traditional replacements

Made-to-measure with extra lightweight tiles

Supalite roofs are highly configurable, meaning that they can be easily fitted onto almost every conservatory style on the market. From traditional Victorian conservatories to compact Lean-to styles, no South Wales homeowner needs to miss out on the ability to enjoy improved soundproofing from the rain, low U values, and exceptional insulation.

Easy to maintain tiles with plenty of colour styles

We supply and install Supalite tiled roofs in a choice of two distinct tile styles in standard Extralight and Tapco. The former is a texture roof tile offering exceptional durability, while Tapco slates feature authentic surfaces more suited to traditional builds. Both come in a range of attractive colours such as Charcoal, Ember, and Walnut that each provide beauty and defence for anywhere up to 20 years.

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