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Composite Doors

Specifically engineered to offer some of the very best efficiency and security possible with a front entrance solution, composite doors from RealSeal Home Improvements make use of a high insulated core and impact resistant GRP coating. This allows every slab we install to keep up with the demands of even the busiest homeowner, while also offering exceptional performance and guaranteed peace of mind.

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Exceptional security and style rolled into one

Composite doors do a great job at keeping your home stylish and protected all year round, making use of strong construction that can act as a powerful protective barrier against intruders. Each composite slab is engineered using a mixture of materials as the name might suggest, helping to give each unit an acute edge in terms of security. The outer GRP skin is impact resistant so cannot be easily damaged, and with highly efficient Ultion cylinder locks and SAC lock locks as an optional add-on, these doors easily achieve PAS24 and Secured By Design approval.

Ultion cylinder locks in particular work exceptionally well within composite doors, automatically engaging a hidden lock the moment it detects an attack. Known as ‘Lockdown mode’, this ability has been specifically designed to work in tandem with every composite door’s natural ability to offer defensive qualities to every home. SAC lock locks similarly offer unprecedented levels of defense thanks to an extra-safe internal switch which replaces the need to turn a key to lock your door. We offer both as an optional upgrade to all our composite doors, for ultimate peace of mind.

All these security benefits are achieved within an innovate door style that still projects an inherently traditional style reminiscent of timber. With composite doors, homeowners will be able to enjoy the warmth and beauty that comes with original timber doors, without having to deal with the vast amounts of upkeep required to keep them looking attractive.

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A rated energy efficiency

Saving money on energy bills and keeping properties comfortable


High security guaranteed

Optional Ultion Cylinder and SAC lock lock integration for peace of mind


Range of colours & styles

Highly configurable to create a wholly distinctive aesthetic

The ultimate in front entrance heat retention

As if they weren’t already impressive, composite doors fitted by RealSeal Home Improvements in particular have been proven to be 17% more efficient than solid timber core and timber panelled options. This is thanks to an insulating internal foam core embedded within the slab, meaning that every home in which they are installed can enjoy an energy rating of A.

Such impressive and superior thermal performance makes a big difference to the overall warmth and comfort in the home throughout the year, with heat having the hardest time possible escaping. 70mm thicknesses are also available for homeowners who want to make the most of such insulation more so, ideal for those located on main roads and are interested in adequate soundproofing.

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20 classic and contemporary finishes to choose from

Though inherently traditional in terms of aesthetic, this doesn’t mean that our composite door range isn’t highly flexible. With every unit homeowners are given the chance to cherry-pick from any one of 20 attractive colours, all of which cater to different kind of property style and homeowner preference. Specialist hardware comes integrated as standard, perfectly tying into your chosen style.

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