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Roof Lanterns

The perfect solution for breathing life into previously unloved, dilapidated, or just generally dark areas of the home, we’re proud to supply and install Korniche roof lanterns. Doing away with bulky frames or the need to incorporate a fully glazed roof replacement, roof lanterns from RealSeal Home Improvements offers stunning aesthetics and large influxes of natural sunlight.

A thermally broken aluminium roof system

Our roof lanterns can be installed anywhere on the home that boasts a flat roof, meaning that whether you’re seeking to add light and comfort to a living room, kitchens, or something else entirely, these living spaces will amazingly appear bigger and brighter. As well as maximising light however, our roof lanterns excel at delivering impressive thermal retention thanks to aluminium construction and modern design.

This improved approach to energy efficiency comes guaranteed thanks to the integration of cold bridging and high performance glazing, both of which help to ensure that any heat present in the home will always have a tough time escaping. Such notable features never impede on what is an inherently slim and sleek design however, with every lantern’s spas and ridge sections being little wider than 57mm.

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A rated energy efficiency

High performance glazing for U values as low as 1.0

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Swift installation

Korniche roof lanterns are some of the quickest and easiest to install on the market


Natural light

Brightens up the atmosphere and mood of any home in which they are installed

Spoiling living spaces with plenty of natural light

Helping homeowners to save both energy and money that they would otherwise spend on artificial lighting, the defining benefit of all our roof lanterns is their ability to brighten up any desired area of the home. You’ll be able to feel closer to the outside without leaving yourself open to the elements, giving living spaces a more natural feel.

A subtle and lightweight addition for every home

Every aluminium roof lantern in our range comes supplied and installed to neatly tie in perfectly with all styles of home. The slim design is extremely versatile, meaning no homeowner needs to miss out on improved insulation and more light. The RealSeal Home Improvements team can even install them exceedingly quickly thanks to easy fixings and clip-on caps, ensuring that homeowners can spend less time waiting and more time experiencing a natural lit home.

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