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Stable Doors

Helping to introduce a literal and metaphorical breath of fresh air to any hallway or kitchen, stable doors from Realseal Home Improvements are a classically-styled but versatile entrance option. Their split panel design allows the top to be opened independently of the bottom section of the door for added ventilation and safety.

Optional ultion lock available. Find out more

Highly ventilating front and back entrance doors

The original intention behind the design of stable doors was to keep animals out of farmhouses or keep children inside. Luckily all our stable doors still excel at achieving the latter, but also gives the home a sense of openness whilst never compromising on practicality. Such a design is ideal for homeowners who want to enjoy great outside views and ventilation, without the need to open up their entrance fully.

Though most commonly used as an entrance for the back of the home, our team can install them internally, externally, or even as a front entrance option. In both sculptured or chamfered frame styles, stable doors will always look distinct and sleek, always giving off an inherently rural charm that’s perfect for – but not limited to – rural cottages and period properties.

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A+ rated energy efficiency

Saving money on energy bills and keeping properties comfortable


High security guaranteed

Choice of Ultion Cylinder or SAC multi-point locking as standard for peace of mind


Range of colours & styles

Highly configurable to create a wholly distinctive aesthetic

A safe and secure entrance solution with rural charm

Typically installed to incorporate decorative glazing within the top panel, with a stable door it’s easy to flitter between absolute privacy and opening up your home to the beauty of the outside. Continuing on with the safety element is the simple fact that homeowners with small kids can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they can enjoy fresh air without the risk of any little ones escaping.

When compared to original timber doors, stable variants are simply a much lower maintenance choice, never requiring the same levels of attention in order resist the harshest of elements. Simply giving your door a brief wipe down should ever it become dirtied, along with a drop of oil on the moving parts will ensure that it always opens effortlessly.

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Versatile home transitions in a suite of attractive colours

Despite having its roots firmly set in tradition, a suite of attractive finishes allows our team to install stable doors well-suited to almost every kind of property. Whether a contemporary residential home or something a little more classical, no homeowner needs to miss out on the design’s bespoke benefits thanks to colours like Chartwell Green, Rosewood, and Classic White.

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