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Ultion Locks

One of the UK’s most reliable cylinder locking systems, every door supplied by RealSeal comes with the optional ability to make use of Ultion. A high cut above many of the budget systems on the market, Ultion cylinder locks incorporate the latest features to help keep any unwanted guests out for good while never compromising the user experience.

Ultion lock

Purposefully giving intruders a tough time

According to a study undertaken by the Office of National Statistics, 73% of break-ins occur through the front entrance of a property. Cylinder locks from Ultion actively combat this by detecting whenever the door succumbs to an attack. Should this occur, the system engages into what’s known as ‘Lock Down Mode’, locking into the central cam. Ultion’s two sacrificial sections are protected within a molybdenum core which is 25% denser than iron, secured with a retaining pin which helps to fend off drills.

We make this mechanism an optional upgrade for all the composite doors featured in our range, allowing our customers to enjoy only the highest levels of security possible. We know this because Ultion has undergone many security tests and attack scenarios, doing an astounding job every time.

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Unrivalled entrance security

More pins than your standard locking systems

No Pressure

Lock down mode

Actively works against any intruder who attempts to break in

High quality

Secured by Design approved

Approved by the UK police authority’s flagship security initiative.

A locking system sure to provide the ultimate peace of mind

Whereas your standard lock makes use of 5 or 6 pins, Ultion ups the ante by using 11. This results in well over 200,000 combinations of key, offering homeowners 3 times the level of security than is the norm and therefore plenty of peace of mind. We at RealSeal Home Improvements recognise that it’s important to feel safe in your own home.

Such an intricate approach to lock design and so many possible key combinations mean that only genuine Ultion keys will work with your lock. Working closely with the team there, should you ever require replacement keys or just a few extra spares, we can help and follow the steps required to make this possible.

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