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Flush Sash Windows

One of the most premier choices of timber-effect flush sash windows, Infinity effortlessly combines tradition with modernity to make for a truly game-changing window option. Whether you reside in a country cottage, modern residential home, or even a conservation property, everyone can enjoy the various inherent benefits that Infinity windows introduce.

High-performing and authentically-styled flush sash windows

It’s fair to say that the team here at RealSeal Home Improvements have perfected the art of integrating Infinity windows into any 21st century home. With a choice of 42 authentic colours and finishes that include Oak, Cream and White. Every unit comes tailor-made in a woodgrain aesthetic of your choosing, all while still offering unparalleled energy efficiency and exceedingly low U values.

Though made from uPVC, Infinity windows expand and improve upon the highly flexible foundation that the material provides. Thermal insulation, integrated security, and low maintenance are still valued benefits, all wrapped up in an impressively convincing classical aesthetic that will appear indistinguishable from genuine timber flush sash windows.

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A rated energy efficiency

Saving money on energy bills and keeping properties comfortable


High security guaranteed

SAC multi-point locking as standard for peace of mind


Range of colours & styles

Highly configurable to create a wholly distinctive aesthetic

Successfully replicating the style of 19th century timber windows

Many of us enjoy the warmth and classic style that come with original timber slush sash windows, but understandably, few of us don’t want to deal with the vast amounts of upkeep required to keep them looking good. Infinity windows grace homes with all the beauty found with frames engineered in the 19th century, without the need to ever varnish or coat.

Infinity windows are even often deemed suitable for properties situated within designated conservation areas (parts of Britain of historical interest), all thanks to such subtle features as the seamless corner weld. We are in full support of preserving the architectural styles and properties of the UK’s past, but feel they shouldn’t miss out on the very best performance and style. Infinity windows from our range is the perfect solution.

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Subtle design elements that help make all the difference

The reason Infinity windows are able to set themselves apart so ahead of other timber-effect uPVC options, is simply due to the number of faithful design elements that have been accounted for. These include the obvious window sash that sits perfectly flush in the frame, smooth corner welds, as well as the choice of 42 authentic colours and woodgrain finishes, including white, rosewood, and irish oak.

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